Insurance / Unions


Below is a list of the insurance and unions we work with. If you do not see something on the list, feel free to contact us for further information.

Aetna (through Eyemed)
Asbestos Workers Employee Benefits
Assistant Deputy Warden Association Self-Insured
Assistant Deputy Wardens Association Security Benefit Fund
Automobile Lodge #447 Intl. Association of Machinists
Blasters, Drillers & Miners
Bricklayers & Allied Craft workers
Bridge & Tunnel Officers Benevolent Association
Building Services Fund
Building Trades Welfare Benefit Fund
C.S.A. Welfare Fund & Day Care Council/C.S.A. Welfare Fund
Civil Service Bar Association
Committee of Interns & Residents House Staff
Committee of Interns & Residents Voluntary
Communication Workers Of America
Con Ed Safety Eyewear Program
Con Edison Retirees (United Healthcare)
Correction Captains Association
Correction Officers Retirees Benevolent Association
Corrections Captains Association
Corrections Captains Association Retirees
CSA Welfare Fund
CWA Local 1180 (Active)
CWA Local 1180 (Retirees)
CWA Local 1181
Davis Vision
DC #1707 Health Insurance Fund
DC37 Health & Security Plan
Deputy Wardens Association
Detective Endowment Association Retirees
District #15 International Association Of Machinists
District Council #37
District Council 1707 Health & Benefit Fund
District Council Iron Workers
Division #1056 Amalgamated Transit Union
Division 1181 ATU N.Y. Welfare Fund
Empire State Carpenters
Federated Dept Stores Incorporated
Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association
Full Time Retail Food Clerks Local #1500
Local# 1199 Greater NY Nursing Home Division
Group Health Incorporated
H.I.P. - Medicare
H.I.P. Health Insurance Plan of Greater NY
Healthplex Town of Hempstead
Hollow Metal Trust Fund
House Staff Benefit Plan
I.A.M. District # 15 Health Fund
I.A.T.S.E Theatrical Stage Employees
I.L.A. Health & Insurance Fund
IBT Health & Welfare Fund
Independent Welfare Fund
Industrial Trade Union Local 231 Welfare Fund
International Union of Operating Engineers
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International Operating Engineers Local 94
International Operating Engineers-Municipal
JLT Services Corp. GHWA
Joint Board 18 Welfare Fund
Joyce Food, L.I.C. Human Resources
Laundry & Dry Cleaning Workers Health Fund
Local # 144 Nursing Home Employees
Local # 259 United Auto Workers
Local # 277
Local # 361 Iron Workers
Local # 373 Iron Workers
Local # 389 District Council #1707
Local # 483 Iron Workers
Local # 891 Welfare Fund
Local #1 Pointers, Cleaners & Caulkers
Local #1 Stagehands
Local #102 Bakery, Confection & Tobacco Workers
Local #1109 Communications Workers Welfare
Local #1180 Communications Workers Of America CWA
Local #1199J New Jersey Benefit Fund
Local #12 Asbestos Workers Union
Local #1-2 Con Edison Active
Local #138 Operating Engineers
Local #15 International Union of Operating Engineers
Local #1500 Retail Clerks Welfare Fund
Local #1964 I .I.B.T. Health & Pension Fund
Local #2 Liquor Salesmen
Local #2,3,5 Store Workers Security Plan
Local #202 Union Welfare
Local #205 Day Care Council
Local #205 Day Care Council/DC 1707
Local #237 Teamsters Active & Retired Welfare Fund
Local #259 United Auto Workers
Local #282 Welfare Trust Fund
Local #284 Unite here Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Local #295-851 Welfare Fund
Local #298/2 Municipal Private Sector Employees
Local #3 Bakery & Confection Workers
Local #3 Con Edison Active
Local #300 Service Employees International Union
Local #32BJ Building Service Health Fund
Local #338 Retail Food Employees Union
Local #342 A&P Health & Welfare Fund
Local #342 Valley Stream Employees
Local #365 United Autoworkers
Local #371 Social Service Employees Union
Local #40 Ironworkers
Local #40, 361, 417 Iron Workers
Local #417 Ironworkers
Local #447E Bricklayers Fringe Benefit Fund
Local #7 Tile Union Retirees
Local #74 SEIU( Library Employees)
Local #8 United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
Local #804A Welfare Trust Fund
Local #810 United Wired, Metal & Machine Health & Welfare
Local #831 Uniformed Sanitationsmen
Local #854 Uniformed Fire Officers
Local #94 Operating Engineers
Local #94 Uniformed Fire Fighters' association.
Local #95 Head Start Employees Welfare Fund/DC #1707
Metal Polishers Union
Nassau County Court Officers
National Organization of Industrial Trade Unions(NOITU)
New Eyes for the Needy
New York State Nurses Association (ASO)
New York State Court Clerks
Newspaper Guild of New York the NY Times
NVA (National Vision Administrators)
NY Times - Newspaper Guild
NYC District Council of Carpenters (active & retired)
NYC District Council of Carpenters (non-eligible individuals)
NYC Municipal Steamfitters (active-code 83/ retired-code 84)
NYC Plumbers & Pipefitters -code 82
NYC Retirees Health & Welfare Fund Code 09
NYC Stationary Engineers Jardine Ins. Broker
NYC Steamfitters Jardine Insurance Brokers
NYC Steamfitters Retired Jardine Insurance
Oceanside Union Free School District
Painting Industry Insurance & Annuity Fund
Part Time Retail Food Clerks
Pavers & Road Builders District Council Welfare
PhotoCircuts Division Safety Glass Program)- Aero
Plumbers Local 1 Welfare Fund
Plumbers Local Union #200
Pointers, Cleaners & Caulkers
Production Workers Local 148
Production Workers Local 148/A
Publishing Pressmen Local 2
Sanitation Officers Association (all States) (ASO)
Sanitation Officers Retirees (ASO)
Sanitation Workers Retirees
SEIU Greater NY Benefit Fund
Service Employees 32 BJ No. Welfare Fund
Sheet Metal Workers
Sheet Metal Workers I.A. Production Worker
Sheet Metal Workers Local #28 Production Workers
Social Service Employees Union Local 371 Welfare
Special Superior Officers
Store worker Security Plan
Suffolk County Court Employees association. Welfare
Suffolk County Municipal Employee Benefits
Superior Officers Council RETIRED MEMBERS ONLY!!!!
Tile Union Active Members
U.C.E of F.I.T (Active/Retirees)
Uniformed Fire Officers' Association
Uniformed Firefighters Association. Security Benefits
Uniformed Sanitationmens' Association (Active Members)
Uniformed Sanitationmens' Association Welfare Fund (Retired Members)
Unite Service Employees
United Benefit Fund
United Employees Health Plans N.Y. ME Tri-U
United Federation of Teachers
United Federation of Teachers Retirees
United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
United Workers Health Fund United Labor Board
VDT DC37 Health & Security Plan DC37
Voluntary Hospitals-House Staff Benefit Fund